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the work

here's some gOOd shIt we've done.

the gOOd shIt

for the culture

We were tired of spending hours searching for ethical businesses owned by people of color, so we decided to fix the internet. We created a database of inclusive businesses focused on making the world a better place.

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The Good Shit.

A tablet with The Good Shit website on the screen.

the black carte

for the real ones

In 2020, when George Floyd was murdered by a police officer, we wanted to organize a way to support protestors in New York and to make an impact on the black community. We partnered up with black owned businesses in NYC to create The Black Carte, a prepaid gift card activists could use at black owned restaurants, grocery stores, wellness and entertainment venues.


We wanted the people fighting for us to know people cared, that they mattered, and that at the end of the day, they could stop in for a good meal somewhere they could feel safe. Our goal was $2500. We raised over $7000.

The Black Carte debit card.

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The Black Carte.

A tv and cell phone with images of a hijabi woman from the Headliners Haute Hijab shoot.

backstage capital

for founders of color

We worked with Backstage Capital on their mission to highlight the underestimated founders (people of color, lgbtqia+, and women) they've helped to jumpstart. In a series of short, internal documentaries, we dove into what made the companies great, and how Backstage was pivotal to their success so that future investors could see exactly why they should invest in Backstage.

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