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the black carte

black lIves matter.

and so do the peOple who fIght for them.

Client: BLM Protestors

We partnered up with black owned businesses in NYC to create a gift card for the organizers and protestors fighting for black lives during the George Floyd protests.

Our goal was to thank protestors and draw money into black owned spaces.

Here's how we helped, and here's the fundraising campaign.

raising money for good

We started a go fund me with a small goal to raise $2500 and distribute fifty gift cards to organizers and protestors. We almost tripled that number and raised over $7000 for 140 gift cards. We distributed the cards to black and women led organizations and individual protestors.


boosting black businesses

We partnered with black owned businesses in wellness, nightlife, food and drink, entertainment and groceries. Our prepaid gift cards worked online and in person just like a regular credit card, so that protestors could pick up supplies, or grab a drink after a long day fighting for freedom.

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