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frOm makIng vIdeo

to makIng change.

we pIvOted for gOOd.

Client: The Old Mission

From 2015 to 2020, we made videos. Short films, webseries, music videos. For artists and startups and media companies. And we did pretty good for ourselves.

But in 2020, we were all forced to stop and think about the future. About what we wanted, and we realized we wanted to confront injustice in a concrete way.

Here's how we changed our business.


we had to do something

When the George Floyd protests started, we sat with each other and talked. About the world, about what we could do that would make an impact. Our first project was The Black Carte, a prepaid card that we distributed to organizers and protestors for use at black owned businesses. That project really made us understand the importance of economic empowerment in marginalized communities.


our people

We knew two things. The world was on fire, and communities of color were getting the worst of the burns. That's why we decided to shift our focus to businesses that had a purpose. To fight injustice, to save the planet, to feed the hungry. There are so many businesses out there doing good shit, and people of color were leading the charge. 

We made a decision to focus on the BIPOC brands doing the work to make the world a better place.


mOre than just video

The Black Carte put something else into perspective for us. We wanted to do more than video marketing. We wanted to make projects that brought people together and solved a problem. So, in 2021, with 10+ years of marketing, events and organizational experience behind us, we decided to shift our focus onto creating projects with impact.

That's one reason that we launched The Good Shit, a database of ethical BIPOC run businesses that makes it easy for conscious consumers to shop their values. That project is just a start. It's our mission to partner up with other good businesses to make projects that do good. That's a mission worth fighting for.

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