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the Good Shit

InclusIve and Impactful? that's gOOd shIt. 

Client: Mission Original

We created a database of BIPOC run businesses with ethical missions.

From fashion to food, sustainability to anti-ableism, our goal was to make it easier to find businesses that align with people's values and to promote marginalized founders who are often overlooked in the discussion of ethical businesses.

Read more below to find out how we did it and check out The Good Shit here.

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The search for good businesses

The idea for The Good Shit came from a need. With our business model, we're constantly searching for BIPOC run businesses that do good in the world. And that search was never an easy one. Hours and hours of searching through listicles of fair trade, vegan, sustainable, slow fashion, activist businesses, only to find BIPOC founders side lined, left out, or limited to a list of 10-20 repeated favorites on a Black History Month feature.

We realized if we were searching, other people probably were too. And if it took us hours to find what we were looking for, many people were probably giving up. So, we put together a database, now with 100+ businesses and counting.


by cause
or by creed

It was important to us that people would be able to search based on the cause they felt drawn to, the identity they wanted to support, or the industry they needed to browse. We made sure that was a feature of our site. We curated founders who were black, indigenous, and people of color along with LGBTQIA+ and disabled founders. We found brands that supported causes from sustainability to slow fashion to anti-racism. And we covered every industry from tech to fashion to food to finance.

With a focus on accessible design and ease of navigation, we designed a fun, colorful, simple to use website that pushes customers toward the businesses that are changing the world.


actually doing good shit

Our goal is always to put actual money in the hands of people doing good. That's why every quarter, we feature a non-profit so that those ethical shoppers can put their money where their hearts are. 

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