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Our mission is to curate a team of extraordinary artists and marketers of color, creating a better way to work that's built on mutual respect and kindness. Here's why you should work with us.


pay you

Good work should pay good. You set your rate and we pair you with businesses that can afford you.



We hire inclusively. This means poc, lgbtqia+, neurodivergency, and differing abilities are welcome, accomodated and encouraged.


feed you

Whether you're on set or working from home, you'll always have lunch on our dime.

we let you

do you

Work in your pajamas in a different country. Spend the day with your kids and design at night. We promote flexible schedules, texts for clarity and very occasional meetings.

we treat

you right

We care about treating our people right. Come work with us, be yourself, we got you.

we going places

Every once in a while, our work lets us travel the world. Writers, artists and market researchers could have the opportunity for travel as well.


jOin the squad


We're looking for filmmakers with passion, vision, and skill to help us make some good content. We're currently seeking directors, producers, cinematographers, and production designers based in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, Santa Fe, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Oakland.


We're seeking out photographers in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, Santa Fe, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Oakland who understand how to use light to craft a gorgeous image every time.  

copy writers

We're looking for copywriters in the U.S. with distinct voices to brainstorm and write text for websites, social media, and branded blog content. Humor and emotion welcome.

market researchers

Do you like chatting people up? Are you curious about and respectful of new places and cultures? We need people to go all over the world, talk to customers, research competition and compile what they find into comprehensive analyses. Polyglots welcome.

graphic designers

Are you a graphic designer with an eye for detail? We're seeking graphic designers in the U.S. to design assets for social media, websites and print.

web designers

We're looking for talented web designers all over the U.S. and developers with experience designing responsive websites in HTML, Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace. Especially seeking designers with experience designing accessible websites with all abilities in mind.

social media managers

We need people with extensive knowledge of social media platforms, tags, and timing to schedule and distribute social media content. Anywhere in the U.S.

actors and models

All colors, all sizes, all genders, sexes, and abilities. We want to see you represented. 

New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, Santa Fe, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Oakland.

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We see you! Thanks for your application.

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