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backstage capital

highlighting underestimated fOunders, so we can all eat.

Client: Backstage Capital

A venture capital fund that supports underestimated founders with investments, mentoring and community.

We worked with them on a few different video projects that helped to raise funds and bring awareness to founders of color so that they could keep changing the landscape of VC.

Here's a few things we worked on.


The first project we worked on for Backstage Capital was a series of short documentaries called "Headliners". Our mission was to dive into the progress and achievements of two of their portfolio companies Haute Hijab and Sunhouse to show the impact Backstage had.


We worked with the founders, Backstage and our film crew to showcase the two brands and the journey they'd taken to their success. Our goal was to show investors that founders of color are a good bet.

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A Pandemic Anniversary

When the pandemic started to worsen, sets were shut down, and we started to work remotely. For Backstage's five year anniversary, we had planned to follow their founder Arlan on a cross country tour, but for safety, we had to rethink how we approached promotion for the big day. In the end, we settled on a 45 minute documentary that combined archival footage from Backstage and their portfolio companies, and self taped interviews from investors, employees and founders.


This documentary was used internally and externally to raise money including their highly successful $4,000,000+ Republic campaign. 

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Kitchen Sink

Sometimes a lot of good things come together at once. That's what happened when Backstage's founder Arlan started a new fund, wrote a book, and started three tiers of online courses within the span of two years. We got together our film crew and shot promotional materials for all of these and more in a three day blitz of filming.

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