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about us

we're just tryIng to do gOOD In the world.

We started
our marketIng agency because
of sOme bad shIt.

We've been in video marketing since 2015, but then in 2020 the plague hit, a race war started, and a little girl on tv told us the earth was melting and we thought...


"We should probably do something right?"


So we made something good that did some good, and then we made something good for someone doing good and we decided that helping good people do good shit by making good stuff was, well... a good mission.

So now our we work with BIPOC run companies that do good shit to execute marketing strategies with a mission.

What's GOOd?

GOOd for
the planet

We've only got one, and we want to take care of it. That's why we reach out to sustainable companies and companies focused on helping the environment.

GOOd for
the living

Animals have feelings too, and we love the companies that work to end cruelty towards our four and more legged friends. Vegans, caretakers, startups for the furry. You are welcome.

GOOd for
the people

Social good and activism drive the world forward. We love companies making strides to make the world better for people by alleviating hunger, poverty, discrimination, and all the social plagues of the world.

We focus on bipoc run companies.



So we use our good sense to make the better bet.

We focus on companies with one or more founders of color and/or at least 30% bipoc on the executive team.

Why? Simple. We want to make an impact with companies that put their mission first. And if your company is not inclusive, our missions do not align.

Two women leaning toward one another, close, almost kissing.
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